2023 Subaru Legacy Owner's Manual

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2023 Subaru Legacy Owner's ManualView the 2023 Subaru Legacy owner’s manual online, print or download it in PDF format for free to your PC or smartphone.

The 2024 Subaru Legacy attracts potential buyers with its simplicity bordering on uncompromising quality and reliability. This is a fairly comfortable family sedan with a spacious interior that has a sufficient set of safety systems. Despite the brand’s sporty roots, the company’s engineers developed the most comfortable suspension, which in turn affected the controllability and low body stiffness during active maneuvering. Compensating for its confusion in sharp turns, the Legacy drives quite well and has good fuel economy figures.

Describing the car in a few words – it is very pleasant, time-tested, with an affordable price tag and Japanese reliability.

Safety systems

When it comes to the safety of the driver and passengers, the Subaru Legacy is quite a good choice. The company pays enough attention to this direction, equipping its cars with a modern package of Subaru EyeSight driver assistance systems.

Driver assistance and active safety features include an emergency automatic braking system, a lane keeping assist system, and adaptive cruise control. In addition, the car is equipped with a blind spot monitoring system that warns the driver about traffic behind the car and can automatically stop the vehicle in an emergency.

To keep all of the vehicle’s systems, components and assemblies up and running optimally, the company offers a standard Subaru warranty package that offers competitive warranty terms.

The only thing that the new Legacy is inferior to its peers in the segment, such as the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata, is the lack of free scheduled maintenance.

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