2020 Subaru Wrx Owner's Manual

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2020 Subaru Wrx Owner's ManualView the 2020 Subaru Wrx owner’s manual online, print or download it in PDF format for free to your PC or smartphone.

Subaru WRX is a “C” class super sedan. An upgraded version of the first generation of the car, which were completely separated from the Subaru Impresa line. The car debuted at the Detroit auto show in January 2017.

Firstly, Subaru cannot be called pioneers in the field of design. And secondly, the specialists of the Japanese brand decided to be as conservative as possible in changes to something in which they cannot be called pioneers. So it turns out that the updated version of the Subaru WRX can be distinguished from the previous one only by a point element of the external design, namely the shape of the air intake on the front bumper: they have become similar to the same element in the once very “related” Subaru Impresa.

The changes in the interior are also few, but more noticeable. The interior has acquired a new multimedia system screen, which has become noticeably larger, and there are noticeably fewer buttons next to it: now it is a 7-inch screen, framed by two “knobs” and six keys. In addition, the display above the front panel has also increased, providing the driver with data on the technical condition of the car “here and now”: boost pressure, temperature readings, etc. In total, these changes made the Subaru WRX look at least like a competitive player, if talk about interior design, because the previous multimedia complex is hopelessly outdated. There is one more pleasant detail that will appeal to those who will ride in the back of the car: an armrest with cup holders has appeared on the rear sofa. This is about the visual part. Speaking of tactile and auditory, the modernized generation must be given its due: the sound insulation of the interior has improved, as well as the quality of finishing materials.

But it can be assumed that for Subaru WRX buyers, details like armrests and cup holders are not what makes the sports sedan worth buying. And it’s worth buying because of the way it corners and exits corners. And here, although less visible, there are more changes! Better handling is achieved through several systems: firstly, Dynamic Driving Control (VDC) together with Active Thrust Guidance help avoid understeer. Secondly, the gear ratio of the electric booster is 14.4:1, and this allows you to very accurately feel the car and correct the direction of its movement. Thirdly, the suspension on all Subaru WRXs from the factory is “tailored” for track driving, which means that the suspension elements responsible for taxiing are designed for driving in harsh conditions of high-speed vehicle control (better shock absorbers and springs, more powerful anti-roll bars sustainability). In addition, larger brake discs can be ordered for an additional fee.

After the car exits a turn, you need it to get to the next one faster. The Subaru WRX is helped in this by its power plant, which has not undergone significant changes since the model was launched. This is still the same 2-liter boxer turbo-four with direct injection, producing 268 hp. With. and 350 Nm of torque. It can be paired with a six-speed manual transmission or a Lineartronic V-chain variator. A special feature of the latter is the ability to simulate a 6- or 8-speed gearbox, which can be switched using the steering wheel paddles. Subaru WRX with a manual transmission goes through the first hundred in 6 seconds, and with a CVT – in 6.3 seconds.

And for those who pay attention not only to track performance, but also to comfort, there is another good news. The equipment on the updated version of the Subaru WRX is more than sufficient. Seven airbags, heated and electrically adjustable front seats, climate and cruise control, a multimedia system with a 7-inch screen and a rear view camera. To all this you can add leather seats, a front camera, a blind spot monitoring system, and a Harman Kardon audio system with 9 speakers at 440 Watts.

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