2017 Subaru XV Owner's Manual

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2017 Subaru XV Owner's ManualView the 2017 Subaru XV owner’s manual online, print or download it in PDF format for free to your PC or smartphone.

Subaru XV is a 5-door crossover of the β€œK1” class. The second generation of the XV model was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2017. In the US market the car is sold under the name Crosstrek.

This is the second generation of the model, which relatively recently helped the manufacturer make a name for itself in the compact crossover class. In general, following the philosophy of the term crossover, Subaru XV is at the intersection of several classes. So, it can simultaneously be classified as a hatchback with increased ground clearance, and as a crossover itself. The harbinger of the new generation was the XV Concept prototype, shown a year earlier. Even then it was clear that the Japanese did not intend to fundamentally change the appearance of the model.

Moreover, at the presentation of XV it turned out that, to a first approximation, little has changed in it at all. But in reality this is not the case, because the body here is completely new, based on the SGP modular platform. Simply conceptually the external style was preserved. And the more you look at the exterior, the more differences you notice. The head optics were made narrower, the design of the false radiator grille and bumpers was changed, and more texture was given to the side panels using stampings. The line of the side glazing has also changed, making it more dynamic. However, the easiest way to distinguish the new generation of Subaru XV is from the rear, which is now decorated with optics of a completely different shape.

Along with the design, the proportions of the crossover have also changed. It has become longer by 15 mm, increasing to 4465 mm, and wider by 20 mm, up to 1800 mm. The center distance has been increased even more, by 30 mm, and now the XV wheelbase is 2665 mm. But the height remained unchanged. One more important parameter remained unchanged, thanks to which this car can be called a crossover – ground clearance. It still measures an impressive 220mm.

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