2012 Subaru Forester Owner's Manual

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2012 Subaru Forester Owner's ManualView the 2012 Subaru Forester owner’s manual online, print or download it in PDF format for free to your PC or smartphone.

Subaru Forester is an all-wheel drive SUV of the β€œK2” class. The world premiere of the fourth generation of the model took place at the end of November 2012 at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the next generation of Forester received a less serious, but more modern appearance, optimized for the style inherent in Subaru models released since 2010. This is especially noticeable when looking at the crossover from the front. Compared to its predecessor, the fourth generation Subaru Forester is distinguished by different headlights, radiator grille, bumpers and side mirrors. The wheel rims are also designed differently. Moreover, for versions with a turbocharged engine they differ from the standard ones

As for the interior of the Subaru Forester, it is made in the classic style of the Japanese brand, but with the use of more soft plastic, high-quality fabric or leather. According to the manufacturer, the space in the cabin has also increased, which is due to the slightly increased dimensions of the car. Depending on the market, they may differ by several millimeters, but the Japanese can be taken as the standard, that is, the β€œnative” version: 4595 mm in length, 1795 mm in width and 1695 mm in height

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